El Vuelo de la Libélula
Thank you booking reviews

Thank you for your reviews!


Thank you to all those people who through Booking, Facebook, Google or other means have devoted a little of your time to give an assessment and / or comments on your stay in our rural apartments in El Vuelo de la Libelula during your holiday in Cadiz, where in addition to enjoying the beaches of Barbate you have been able to enjoy the environment around our house next to the Natural Park of La Breña and Marshes of Barbate and tranquility in the same house.

If, in addition to receiving comments and constructive criticism, you give us such a high rating… You give us an extra motivation to follow this path, you give us a push, you help and encourage us.


It is during your own stay, use and enjoyment of our rural apartments while you are on holiday in this unique environment of the Cadiz Coast, disconnecting from your daily life and being able to connect with nature and yourselves if you wish, that you can give us ideas, suggestions… to which we are always open and help us to improve for the future and continue to grow. Some of them can be put into practice while you are staying here, others will be enjoyed by those who arrive later, making your stay as comfortable, pleasant and easy as possible.

This award that is given to us through Booking, is the result of the constancy, the effort, to put love and do the best we have known and been able to do in every moment throughout all these years.

This prize is also yours, it would not be possible without your evaluations and part of them being so high we believe that it is a consequence of the fact that many of the people who have trusted to stay in our rural apartments have taken care of knowing where you are going.

We always insist and we insist much before formalizing the reservations of the operation and characteristics of the house and its environment and confirm that it is adapted to what really you are looking for during your vacations.

The fact that you listen to us in this sense and make sure you know where you are coming from, apart from making your own holidays easier, makes our work much easier and this translates into results that add up.

For all these reasons, we can only say…


Rural accommodation in Barbate El Vuelo de la Libélula

Pago San Ambrosio, 55
11160 Barbate, Cádiz
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