El Vuelo de la Libélula
Alojamiento rural en Barbate

Rural accommodation in Barbate

El Vuelo de la Libélula is a rural accommodation in Barbate, specifically in San Ambrosio, next to the Natural Park of La Breña and the Marshes of Barbate, located in the region of La Janda, which is on the Atlantic coast of the province of Cadiz.

If you are looking for a few days of rest and tranquillity to disconnect from your daily life and connect with nature, you will find yourself in a unique ecosystem between Barbate, Vejer de la Frontera and Caños de Meca. An environment of the most beautiful and best protected in the Province of Cadiz, and which is part of the European Natura 2000 Network.

A pine forest repopulated to stop the mobile dunes in which to enter and retrieve it either walking, cycling, riding …

One of these routes is undoubtedly the path of the Torre del Tajo, from the beach of La Hierbabuena to Caños de Meca. In its intermediate part is the Tower at the top of the cliffs a privileged place from which to see the Strait of Gibraltar and birds such as kestrels, hawks, cormorants, etc. And in the tour of the park hoopoes, owls, storks, egrets… and the Ibis Eremita, a species in special project of reintroduction since some years ago.

The port of Barbate

From the port of Barbate you can enjoy the marine part of the park, a marine mile along the coast with a great diversity of life, such as the tuna that in their migratory passage towards the Mediterranean give rise to that ancient artisanal fishing art known as the Almadraba.

If you are one of those people who likes to move around, you can do it by sailing and doing different activities such as diving, kayaking, surfing, etc.

The area of the marshes includes an area of wetlands where you can see both resident and migratory birds (herons, flamingos, ospreys …)

In addition, the Park is home to some of the most endangered plant species such as marine juniper and animal species such as the chameleon.


Get to know the beaches of Cádiz

The famous beaches of Cadiz are known by all. Hierbabuena, Mangueta, Caños, El Palmar, Calas de Roche, Zahara de los atunes are some of them. But as you can see this coast are not just beaches. We have the privilege of being in a natural environment where there are different places to know with great history as the Visigothic Hermitage of the 7th century in San Ambrosio, the Tómbolo de Trafalgar declared natural monument and various ways to do it through an active tourism that will not stop surprising you or in a more contemplative way.

Of course, its culinary offer is impressive and its people have nothing to say, besides being able to enjoy different celebrations that take place throughout the year and its art.

Staying in our rural apartments in Barbate of El vuelo de la Libélula you will be able to know all this environment and while you will be able to enjoy a relaxed and welcoming stay, far from the noise, a place where you can listen to the silence.



Edition and recording: Alberto Alvarado




Rural accommodation in Barbate El Vuelo de la Libélula

Pago San Ambrosio, 55
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