El Vuelo de la Libélula

Our rural house

In the rural house El Vuelo de la Libélula we try as much as possible to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
We supply ourselves with solar energy and water from wells, so we ask and pray for responsible consumption of both water and electricity.
As the water is from a well, we recommend bottled water or water from a nearby spring. For the toilet, shower and others can be used perfectly.
High voltage devices are restricted (mobile, laptops… They are compatible)
For all those elements that cannot be used there are alternative uses.
All kitchens are gas fired.

We dispense to the apartments of soaps and ecological detergents.
We have an ecological purifier so that the toilet paper and other utensils must be deposited in the bins provided for this purpose.
Common washing machine, its use is restricted to precise and essential moments.

Living in a place like this makes us value water very much and it is a positive way of making us all a little bit aware.

For us, El vuelo de la libelula is not only a rural accommodation in Cádiz, it is above all our house, and as such we try to treat our guests not only as tenants.
In the same way, we like that those people who decide to settle here for a few days, respect and adapt to the dynamics and characteristics of the house, as well as the environment in which we live.

Asphalted road to the door of the house arriving from Barbate and Caños de Meca (we recommend following the GPS navigator from these two points to the house).


Staying on the coast of Cadiz and in particular those who are looking for accommodation in Caños de Meca, Barbate, Vejer and the surrounding area allows visitors to treat themselves and be surprised by its natural wealth, as it is home to areas of great environmental and cultural value.
There are various ways to enjoy and get to know these places and their traditions, horse and donkey riding, hiking, cycling and climbing.

Bird watching (ornithology).

Sighting of cetaceans in the strait.


In mushroom picking season (mycology).
Without forgetting its unique and local gastronomy such as almadraba tuna, retinto meat, payoyo cheese from the Sierra de Cádiz and an extraordinary ecological vegetable garden.
And of course, its people.


Surrounded by a very peaceful rural and natural environment on the coast of Cadiz.
Staying in San Ambrosio next to the Natural Park of La Breña and Marismas de Barbate allows you to enjoy accommodation in Caños de Meca, in Barbate, in Vejer de la Frontera or Zahora but without so much overcrowding especially in the summer season.
At 10 minutes by car from the villages of Barbate, Vejer, Caños de Meca and the beaches of Yerbabuena and Mangueta.
Halfway between Cadiz and Tarifa and 1 hour from the Sierra de Cadiz and 30 minutes from the Laguna de la Janda, an enclave of great ornithological importance where you can observe both resident and migratory birds.

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