El Vuelo de la Libélula
casa rural en Barbate

El Vuelo de la Libélula country house

Welcome to El Vuelo de la Libélula’s country house.

On the coast of Cadiz there are places like San Ambrosio, powerful and charming places, here we are.
El Vuelo de la Libelula is a rural house divided into 3 apartments, where you can stay in each of them independently or as in the dates of the shooting of these images and made by one of them (October 2019) do it in group reserving the whole house for you, with private parking within the property where you can leave your vehicle without the need to walk looking for a place to park.

On that occasion, 4 couples and a teenager from Germany did so, sharing moments in a relaxed way while they were here and at the same time being able to enjoy their intimacy and independence by staying in different rooms.

Meanwhile, their wanderings were continuous, from the countryside to places like Tómbolo de Trafalgar, a Natural Monument, located between the coves of Conil and Barbate. An environment surrounded by a beautiful and wild sea moved to the forces of the currents of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Here, between the countryside and the sea, in a place of incalculable ecological value, we are lucky enough to be able to offer you a stay that is as comfortable and calm as possible in a peaceful environment where you can rest and enjoy nature with your family and friends, thanks to which you help us to continue growing and to live new experiences.

Thank you Frank Doering for the loan of these images so that we can mount the video.
We invite you to know our rural accommodation, we are waiting for you!

Country house in Barbate El Vuelo de la Libélula

Pago San Ambrosio, 55
11160 Barbate, Cádiz
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